Pre-monsoon period is all about Blue sky’s, White clouds and Golden dusty land. Before the monsoon stamp its arrival and turns the sky into grey-black and the land into lavish green, its better to treasure this beauty as well…

My fascination towards clouds and sky is continued this Monsoon as well.. it is not decreased by inch, rather its gone up. Every weekday i wakeup, i gaze up in the sky and feel so calm, relaxed after seeing the clouds. I can keep gazing as if the second is not going to get over. I can look at the sky while driving, while waiting for the signal to go green, from the office window, in the lunch / tea breaks.. before the sun sets and its all dark…

Today, when i came back from office, sky was excellent again. I kept my laptop, and picked up my camera bag, picked up my kid and we went in search of a place from where we can click the sky…

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