पॉप-स्टार मायकल जॅक्सनचे निधन

पॉप-स्टार मायकल जॅक्सनचे निधन

शब्द नाहीत बोलायला, खुप उदास झाले आहे मन


9 thoughts on “पॉप-स्टार मायकल जॅक्सनचे निधन

    1. असं वाटतंय खरंच रडावं, जगात कित्तेक लोकं गेली, पण कधी असं वाटलं नव्हतं.. आज वाटतं आहे. त्याच्या सॉफ्ट सॉग्स (earth songs, heal the world) ऐकत आहे, आणि मनं खरंच गलबलुन आले आहे 😦

        1. i was excited to see his come-back in a month or so, was happy by the thought of seeing him on stage with his swift movements and magical voice. seems like all shattered now :-((, जेंव्हा पासुन इंग्लिश गाणी थोडीफार समजायला लागली तेंव्हा पासुन त्याची गाणी ऐकतोय. तिच तिच गाणी तरीही कध्धीच कंटाळा आला नाही. त्याचे ते म्युझीक व्हिडीओज आधी M.Tv वर आणि आता youtube वर बघायचो आणि दर वेळी मज्जा यायची.

  1. he will be there for his fans all along…in the form of his music…
    dont you think so?
    his demise is sad..certainly..but he was sent on earth to do only this much…
    he has reached to the hearts of millions of ppl…..what else a human being can ask for?
    we will surely miss him 🙂

    1. Yes, in a way it is true. But after all, “yeh dil maange more”.

      When his comeback was just a month away, this tragedy really hurts. Every single fan of MJ was waiting for that and then this news came. When i will go back home today, i won’t put the TV set on. There will be lot of junkies from news channel talking endlessly about MJ, as if he was a close friend of them, and who scaresly had listened to his songs

      LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP in the hearts of millions of his fans

  2. एक काळ असा होता की आमच्या घरात सतत याची गाणी वाजत. फार वाईट वाटतेय. कम बॆक ची एवढी धामधुम चालली असतानाच हे असे का घडावे….:(

  3. MJ…you’ll be missed by us…..but you’ll be kept alive in hearts of millions of your fans…..

    i remember buying my first audio cassette of English songs….that was of MJ.

    Had any1 of you been to his concert in ’96?

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