Touched by an angel- A Romantic Love Story

Life is beautiful if it is filled with Love. “Touched by an angel” is a story of Tarun and his love Preeti. Most of the incidents, locations and characters of this story are real.

This is my first attempt of english story-telling, though i am sure that you all will like it.

Before beginning, thanks a lot to my friend ‘Vikrant Deshmukh’. With all his motivation, encouragement, proof-reading, suggestions and constant feedback I managed to write down some of the memories that were almost buried inside. With the help of this book, I unleash and relive those moments, virtually.

Click on the image below or simply click here to download the ebook

All your feedback / comments / love is very much important and motivating for me. Do share what you think about this book.

42 thoughts on “Touched by an angel- A Romantic Love Story

  1. Thanks Kanchan & Nikhil. That was quick comment. Let me tell you a comment for this story means a lot to me, for reason it is my first attempt in english and secondly this stuff is very close to me. I will never ever forget that period of my life 🙂

  2. एकाच बैठकीत वाचून काढली…
    अति साधं किंवा अगदी जड इंग्रजी न वापरता रोजच्या वापरातलं इंग्रजी वापरल्याने गोष्ट खुलून येते…

    मनाला भावली…

  3. I have been following your blog and stories for a long long time…..And you rock!!! I am waiting to read 11th part of money-money.

    On page 8 of the touched by angel, you have used ‘too’ instead of ‘two’. Doesn’t make big difference but you may want to correct it.


  4. Loved to read entire story at one go rather than multiple blog posts. Friday well spent in office, had diverted my attention during meetings to finish reading this story.

    About story itself: I thought it might have some twists especially in accident incident. I thought Preeti/Tarun might get killed and it would be sad end or bring back Neha in Tarun’s life. But, it was good to see happy end or rather beginning for Tarun & Preeti.

    Psychology test: You could have used test result as first discussion topic over coffee for Tarun & Preeti.

    Secondly, maturity level of Preeti as seen by Tarun should have been elaborated bit more.

    “It is easy for guys to move on, but difficult for girls”

    I disagree here, I guess it depends on intensity of love/level of involvement.

    Sketch: You should stretch/enhance your skills even more. I am sure you can draw your own sketches in your stories, your photography skills can definitely help.

    • Thanks for the feedback Suhas, i will keep that mind for next story. Regarding twist, well everybody now-a-days expects twist in almost all of my stories, so for them i guess this is the twist that there is no twist 🙂

      Frankly, in real life, the story had a sad-ending. I don’t want to talk about it nor i was willing to have a sad-ending story and hence the end is manipulated here with respect to the real incidents

  5. You are welcome Aniket. Do you have link to your old post in which you have written about your wedding day? It was really hilarious and I loved it. I could not find it in archives.

  6. It was a very good attempt, Aniket. Have u seen the first movie directed by Imtiaz Ali? It is “Socha na tha”. It had very similar story line. The only thing i didnt understand about the story is why Tarun wasn’t much involved in Neha though she was his girlfriend for two years. What kind of relationship they had before Tarun met Preeti? If he had thoughts of Preeti all the time after meeting her, why was he feeling so bad at the time of Neha’s marriage? Its surprising. Frankly I liked other stories written by you much more than this. It doesn’t mean that story was not good. It was good and I finished reading it in one hour.
    Keep writing…….

    • Let me give you a example.

      When we (i am generally referring to IT people) work with company, we know that this is not our final company, one day we have to move. You are attached to the environment, peoples, culture, your work. But that doesn’t prevent you to feel bad when you resign, or leave the job. Whatever relation ships you had, you still feel bad.

      It was exactly the case with Tarun-Neha. Both were attached, yet they were aware that one day they have to move apart.

      Now when you change the company and join something which you think will be your final destination. You plan to settle here, you plan to retire from here. The company is so good, that you yourself made up your mind about it. But still the thoughts of previous company, previous employer keep coming in your mind isn’t it.

      Tarun might will be going through same state. Afterall he had spent 2 yrs with Neha. Nothing was wrong with Neha. Just that both never treated each other as life-partners.

      Finally, there is no explanation, or set-of-rules that apply to human nature. Nobody knows how the next person will behave. There are no predefined protocols as to one should behave like this. After all human mind and human brain is the complex thing in the world isn’t it?

      Thanks for the feedback though

  7. Dear Aniket,

    It is a very good attempt at writing a story in English, and I commend you on that. It is indeed a good storyline, and you have managed to maintain your flowing narration style even in English. That is what is called as ‘gripping’.

    After such a good feedback, you must be wondering what is the sting in the tail!! Well, I believe it will take some more writing (and lot more reading) for you to get a ‘command’ on the English language (isn’t that what we used to hear in our schools? 🙂 ). I think the story will get a lot better with some polish and some more proof-reading. Some of our friends have already done that, as I can see in the comments above.

    In any case, neither the place nor the time is right to point out any small misses, so I leave it at that. Congratulations, and keep on writing!!

    • Thank you sameer.

      Yes i agree with you, it need to be polished for fluency. As i said it was my first attempt, i was not able to decide which words to pick. I wanted to keep it simple yet it should not be a school level english. I tried my best to meet the fine line between so that everybody can understand the language.

      I am definitely will be improvising on this though.

  8. Hi Aniket,
    I always enjoy reading your stories and this story again meets and exceeds my expectation,you are always best in writing romantic stories and i am looking ahead for more such stories.. Keep it up…

  9. Hi Aniket,

    Story khupach chan ahe pan ek sugesst karu ka tumhi hich story marathi madhe lihal ka plzz ka sangu coz tumcha na marathi cha lekhan itka masta ahe speacially shadancha vapar itka gr88 karta tumhi ki he story vactana vata hota aai shapat hi story marathi madhe kiti masta khulun yeil na 🙂

    Just a sugesstion haan

  10. Hi Aniket,

    I read this story way back but didn’t get a chance to complement you, nice man you rock!! good attempt it was exciting to read what next, ended with nice line also but Aniket if its real story then is it based on you?and is that preeti really so beautifull that u have elaborated so nicely into the story? iam sorry if its personal but just curious to know.
    I dont wanna comment on the way you have written or bla bla…….bcz its not important for me what would be the ending the important is make readers to read it till end regardless of its end line and which is very important…
    I tell u honestly it doesn’t bother me or to bore me to finish any of ur story that u have posted on blog…so good job, keep it up 🙂

    • Hi Swati, Thanks a lot for the feedback.
      Yes, this is a true story, i would say 80% of it is true story and preeti was exceptionally beautiful. I have manipulated the ending of the story. In real life, the ending was different. It was a tragic end. I had no intentions of putting it a sad end so changed it.

      Keep reading the blog

  11. Hi Aniket,
    Many more congratulations for your first story in English. With this you are increasing your fans exponentially across the country. I will love to see another Chetan Bhagat from Maharashtra…:)

    I found your writing equally delightful as it is in your other Marathi stories. It is truly a delicious treat for thousands of readers like me…:) Thanks for sharing it with us and keep up the good work…

    I always wonder how you will manage your time to look after Family, Office and Blog…it’s really a tough task but no doubt you are ruling it…:)

  12. Namaskar Saheb, apologies for the delay in comment..

    For a 1st timer the story was really good. It was gripping, I finished it in 1 shot without taking any break. The depth of love that you have scripted is wonderful.. people like me can only wish that they have such love in store for their futures.. 🙂

    Only one thing.. the characters need more depth.. only when we know how a person is, we can understand why he/she is behaving the way it is written..

    And yes.. dunno y but I really felt sorry for Neha..

  13. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. This is really encouraging. I will surely consider all your points, suggestions while writing next one 🙂

  14. usualy I never put comment on blogs. I read this story weeks back. Am a regular visitor of your blog.
    Didn’t like this story at all, 😦

    After reading all these comments, n your replies, couldn’t stop myself.

    1. Writing style is very nice. You can’t stop reading, even you don’t agree the way story is going!
    2. About Tarun: Did he fall in love with Preeti, only because of she was beautiful than Neha? What would be the story, if she was not beautiful? Neha and Tarun would have got married..?

    Do YOU really agree with this story?
    I really can not understand.There are such people around everywhere…we all have seen them…..but..does that make all this Right? Justifying by saying, “Human mind”!! This is not being human…….

    • As i mentioned earlier, i wrote what all happened in reality. I have witnessed these things. I could try to convince you in all possible ways, but right now i am really occupied with my new job and hardly get a time to write something.

      But take it from me, someday, i will surely reply you on your email id. Thanks for the reply.

  15. Hello
    I read u r story abt love,but can i share somethin with u i do like it but got some confusion–wanna share it with u–i dont understand a couple who are callin themselves as Boy frnd n girl frnd r almost with each other for 2 yrs. Why sharing between them is of so less,n only feeling he is having at da time of her marriage is cryin n sipping a beer -why n again when emotional seans are written between him n new girl frnd priti -he didn’t even remember abt old girl friend n Melting Moments shared with her(Or within 2 yrs span they didn’t hv a single melting moment?)–why a boy didn’t remember moments shared with his old girlfrnd?? Girls always remember(according to my knowledge)–why so?

  16. this story is just a superb. its actualli touch your feelings. ani kharach apan pan ek romantic atmosphere feel karato great story.nice story and obviously with happy endings

  17. Frankly, it was really a straightforward story. I think, it can’t be a love, but mere just a attraction from Tarun’s side. The middle part of story was almost flat. Anyway, attempt was good. Best luck for next story.

    • What were u expecting then? A girl being gang-raped, guy turning out to be a psycho killer and the other girl being a alien????

      Comon, its a simple straightforward love-story that happened in real-life which i put in words nothing else.

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